This is a great clan, I enjoy being part of it -sqweeps

Welcome to the Golden Banner WikiEdit

Welcome to Golden Banner

Hello... see my base

We are a growing fun and active clan. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Established May 25th, 2014

Leader and Founder: Zagnar of Thenn

Co-Leaders: JShredz, Crunchy, Jas0ns, Raven1134, Jennifer, kick ass, stiffy, King, Ranger, Channel Cat

Elders: jesse, wah hero, channel cat, cecile, gesus951, Mat Friendly, Andre

Our facebook page:

Clan RulesEdit

1) We are at constant war

2) Members are required to use both attacks in war unless prior notice given. Missing two wars will result in a kick.

3) Always donate when you can, and do not ask for troops you cannot make yourself unless its for war

4) Please keep all chat clean

5) Town Hall Level 7 is required

6) DO NOT ASK FOR RANK, promotion is earned by loyalty and activity.

7) We are a growing community of friends, please participate in the chat otherwise we might forget you exist.

Failure to follow any rule is sufficient grounds for being kicked.


War Rule (Common Sense Really)

- First attack if you don't 3 stars your target.

- 2nd attack to hit a lower target than your first and NOT on a new base unless given permission by Co-leaders.



1) Always try your best for stars NOT loot

2) Absolutely no Town Hall sniping

3) MUST use both attacks regardless of current war score

4) Request clan castle troops before attacking

5) Attack within your abilities range; if there are no targets within your range, find the nearest you can score the most stars possible

6) No calling of dibs on targets. First-come, first-serve.

7) When requesting troops during war times, clearly state "for war" or "not for war" and the troops you will like to have.

8) ALWAYS feel free to ask anyone for help during war hours. We are a clan. We win together! Ask for opinions and attack strategies.


Latest activityEdit

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